Delayed transition

A delayed transition is an transition that happens after a period of time, specifically being in a specific state for a certain amount of time.

Whenever such a delayed transition exists in a state, the state machine will execute the transition if and only if the machine has stayed continously in the state for a given period of time. If the state has a self transition which is executed, this causes the state to be exited and then entered again, interrupting any continuity.


A delayed event uses the phrase “after " as the name of the event

    after 3 s


Delayed transitions are not part of Statechart XML. Instead, you have to specify to send a delayed event, and a normal transition that handles that event. The delayed event must be given a name, and also a unique identifier (in order to cancel the delayed event).


In XState (as of version 4.0), a delayed transition is defined on the after: ... property of the state node.

green: {
  after: {
    // transition to "yellow" after 1 second
    1000: "yellow"

See for more information.