Raised Event

A raised event is a type of generated event that is explicitly mentioned in the statechart. A raised event is usually declared as an action assigned to the entry or exit of a state, or on a transition between states.


A raised event is usually shown in the same manner as actions, in other words, after a slash. For example entry / B, which would mean that if this state was entered, the system would generate the event B and process it as part of the current event, before processing any external events.


Raising events can be used as a way to coordinate different parts of a statechart. For example. exiting one state can trigger another transition in a different part of the statechart.


In SCXML, an event can be raised using the <raise> element, wherever you can place so-called executable content:

  <raise event="B"/>


In XState, an event can be raised by specifying the reserved action type xstate.raise

onEntry: {
  type: 'xstate.raise',
  event: 'B'